Bonnie Doon has a number of appealing and historically important places of interest that are well worth a visit. The town's attractions range from buildings dating back to pioneer days, to modern additions that demonstrate the people's ability to adapt, create and restore in order to make the town an enjoyable place to live in and to visit

A Stroll Down Memory Lane

Throughout the township of Bonnie Doon, there are a total of 12 sightseeing locations with a signboard which have a QR codes to direct you to the website. These codes can be scanned with a smart phone or tablet and provide informative text and images about the history of Bonnie Doon. In addition, the points of interest are displayed on a map so you can find the direct way to get there.


The Castle


Does the phrase: "...goin' to Bonnie Doon" sound familiar to you?
View film clip: "Goin' to Bonnie Doon"

Or how about: "tell him he's dreamin"

View film clip: "Tell him he's dreamin"

They originated when a film production company, "Working Dog", called in to Bonnie Doon, (one of the principals owns a property in the Mansfield district), and decided to make a movie, "The Castle" about the little guy rising up to beat the big guy.
The little guy, being the Kerrigan family who had a holiday house in Bonnie Doon and came regularly to enjoy the serenity and the power lines which span Lake Eildon. A house in Maintongoon road was featured in the movie. Filmed in 1997, few realised what a hit the film would be with so many people, even the locals. Many tourist have been heard asking for the location of the Kerrigan house. Others are shocked to find out that Bonnie Doon actually exists and are seen taking photos of the town sign.



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